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3 Possible Reasons For Loose Dentures

Posted on 11/1/2023 by Weo Admin
senior holding cheeks smiling with denturesDentures are a perfect and exciting dental replacement option. You can opt for dentures when you lose your teeth or get them extracted. Their resemblance to natural teeth helps you have a complete smile and confidence. With dentures, you can eat and speak without any challenges. Dentures will normally fit in your mouth. While firm, they can become loose and start to malfunction. Here are three reasons why this can happen:

Bone Resorption

The dentist will remove the remaining natural teeth when you consider denture installation. The extraction is essential in ensuring you have a fitting and complete denture. Without the natural teeth, your jawbone recedes.

The occurrence known as bone resorption is your body's adjustment to the new reality of living without natural teeth. The receding and shrinking of the jawbone can lead to loosening of your dentures. You can avoid this condition by opting for dentures supported by dental implants, which help prevent bone loss.

Wear And Tear

Unlike natural teeth, dentures are prone to wear and tear. They cannot last forever and will loosen with time. You can slow down the process by taking good care of them. Removing your dentures at night before going to bed is one way. Another way is to avoid chewing or biting elements that can damage your dentures. You can also consider the durability of the materials used in making your dentures.

Weight Loss

People think that weight loss only affects your stomach and waistline. The truth is that it also impacts your gums. Weight loss leads to the shrinking of your gums, which results in the loosening of your dentures. If you lose 30 lbs and above, you may need a denture adjustment. A 10-pound weight loss calls for a refitting of your dentures.

If your dentures are loose, consider speaking to a dentist for advice. You can visit our office for more guidance and help.

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