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What Are Dental Sealants?

Posted on 3/15/2024 by Weo Admin
Close up of a dental assistant applying a UV light to a white female patient's newly sealed teethDental sealants are a remarkable tool in modern dentistry designed to safeguard your teeth against the perils of tooth decay. Let us delve into what these sealants are and how they can benefit your oral health.

Dental sealants are a painless and non-invasive way to prevent tooth decay. They are plastic coatings applied to molars and premolars to protect chewing surfaces. The deep grooves and fissures in the back teeth make them prone to decay by trapping food particles, leading to the growth of bacteria.

Sealants act as a barrier, sealing off these susceptible areas and preventing cavities from forming. Research from the American Dental Association shows that sealants can reduce the risk of cavities by up to 80 percent in the first two years after application and continue to offer protection for many years.

How Do Dental Sealants Work?

When applied to the teeth, dental sealants create a smooth surface over the grooves and fissures, making it more difficult for plaque to accumulate and bacteria to thrive. By effectively sealing off these vulnerable areas, sealants provide an extra layer of protection against tooth decay. They are particularly beneficial for children and teenagers, whose developing teeth may be more prone to cavities.

The Application Process

At first, the teeth undergo a thorough cleaning and drying process. Then, a special gel is applied to the chewing surfaces to help the sealant bond securely to the enamel. Then, the dentist paints the sealant material onto the teeth and hardens it using a curing light. Once the sealant is in place, it forms a protective shield over the tooth, helping to keep decay at bay.

Dental sealants are valuable in preventing tooth decay and preserving oral health. Sealing off vulnerable teeth areas, sealants provide an extra layer of protection against cavities, especially for children and teenagers. If you are interested in safeguarding your smile, talk to our dentist about whether dental sealants suit you or your child.

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