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What Is Dental Erosion?

Posted on 3/1/2024 by Weo Admin
close up of someone's gorgeous smile after treatment for enamel issuesTooth erosion is a dental problem that can happen to anyone at any age. It occurs when enamel, the outer surface of the tooth, softens and dissolves, compromising the integrity of the tooth structure. It typically happens if your mouth does not have adequate saliva to fight acids that cause erosion. Dental erosion is gradual, making it unnoticeable at first. If untreated, dental erosion can cause numerous oral issues, such as tooth sensitivity, discoloration, and chipping. A dental professional can help diagnose and address this problem.

Causes of Dental Erosion

The causes of dental erosion vary. However, eating and drinking acidic foods and beverages are the primary causes of dental erosion. Acidic foods and drinks soften the teeth, making them prone to wear. They weaken tooth enamel, leading to erosion as you chew food. Consuming sugary or starchy foods, carbonated drinks, and fruits with excess vitamin C can also cause dental erosion. Other causes include teeth grinding, reduced saliva production, and stomach acids.

Dental Erosion Symptoms

Symptoms of dental erosion might not be noticeable at first. In any case, erosion happens gradually. However, common symptoms include increased tooth sensitivity. You might experience increased sensitivity when eating or drinking hot or cold foods and beverages. Advanced dental erosion can cause your teeth to crack or chip. Other signs of dental erosion are tooth discoloration, increased discomfort, and indentations.

Dental Erosion Complications

Tooth erosion might not be a dental emergency. However, it can cause complications if left untreated. It can exacerbate tooth decay or increase the risk of dental fractures. Dental erosion can cause staining and discoloration, ruining your smile. It can also lead to jagged edges, shiny spots, and root canal problems.

Treating Dental Erosion

Eroded enamel cannot regrow. However, a dental professional can treat dental erosion through crowns, veneers, or dental bonding. We can also treat dental erosion through dental implants and root canal therapy in case of severe erosion.

Contact Us Today

Untreated dental erosion can lead to multiple oral issues. Scheduling a dental checkup can help diagnose and treat the problem. Contact our practice today.

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