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Types of Pediatric Oral and Facial Surgery

Posted on 4/1/2024 by Weo Admin
young patient sitting in a dental chair and smiling at her dentist and assistantOral surgery for children can be necessary at any time, whether as a result of an unanticipated accident or issues with their developing mouth and teeth. Knowing what circumstances can call for surgery and what to anticipate from oral surgery might be reassuring and less stressful. These are the most common dental procedures for children:


A frenectomy is a straightforward procedure that is performed to remove additional soft tissue folds in the mouth. These folds are located under the tongue or in the middle of the upper lip and gum. While specific tissue is necessary to maintain the lip and tongue in their proper positions, excess tissue can cause issues, like feeding or speech problems, and may need to be removed.

Tooth Extraction

When a child is advised to have a tooth extracted, it is usually for orthodontic purposes. Should your child have a narrow jaw and potential crowding problems, it can be recommended to have permanent teeth, wisdom teeth, or even baby teeth taken out. Early extraction of these teeth can aid in adequately aligning newly erupting teeth.

Injury or Trauma Treatment

A wide range of oral operations may be required for children who have accidents. Oral surgery may be necessary in the case of deep cuts in or around the mouth, jaw fractures, and knocked-out teeth, especially when permanent teeth are lost by accident.

Exposure to Impacted or Non-Erupted Teeth

As a child grows, their permanent teeth may occasionally become affected, preventing them from erupting for various reasons. In particular, canine teeth can have problems erupting correctly, yet they are crucial for the correct development of the jaw and teeth as they grow. Oral surgery may be necessary to help expose and guide impacted or non-erupting teeth into their proper positions.

Oral procedures on children can be disconcerting for both children and their parents, but our dental specialists can comfort you and give you the confidence you need to get your child treated. Our surgeons have extensive training in carrying out a wide range of oral procedures while guaranteeing the safety and comfort of our patients. Schedule a consultation by contacting us today!

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