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Cup of water contianing a set of denturesIf you go to a dental clinic seeking dentures, it is because you have lost teeth from trauma, gum disease, decay, or extractions. People wear dentures so they replace missing or lost teeth, allowing them to enjoy their favorite foods and smile with confidence. Our dentist at Singing River Dentistry can help establish if dentures make a good solution for you.

Why Wear Dentures?

The obvious reason you need to wear dentures is to replace teeth you have lost. Without teeth, you may not speak clearly and you are restricted on what you can eat. Additionally, losing teeth can create an undesirable look in the mouth. You may even lose confidence and self-esteem. Wearing dentures allows you to do away with these problems. The void left after losing teeth can make the other teeth move where they take up the empty spaces. As such, you may end up having titled or crooked teeth. Twisted or misaligned teeth affect how you bite and can damage the remaining teeth. You can resolve these situations by wearing dentures.

Partial and Complete Dentures

Dentures may be partial or full. By partial, it means that they replace the lost teeth, but are used when you have healthy teeth still remaining. That is why they are called partial because they only replace some teeth and not all teeth.

Complete or full dentures, as the name implies, replace the entire arch of teeth. They fit snugly over the gums. Full dentures can be worn on the upper or lower gums. If you have lost some teeth, and the remaining ones are in bad shape or heavily decayed, they can be extracted and you can then wear full dentures. A dentist would remove all of the remaining teeth, which are severely damaged, to allow you to get full dentures.

Preparing Dentures

Preparing dentures follows a similar procedure as other tooth replacement options like dental implants and bridges. A dentist will first measure the structures of your jaw and create impressions or molds of your teeth and gums. Using the molds, dentures are designed. Our dentist will then fit them into your mouth over the gums.

How Long Do You Need to Wear Dentures?

Once you get your denture, wear them throughout the day and even at night. This is important within the first few days because it allows the mouth to get used to the prosthesis. After that, we may advise you to remove them when going to sleep. The reason is to allow the gums to rest. It also helps maintain a healthy mouth. When you remove the prosthesis at night, keep them in some water to prevent them from warping.

Caring for Dentures

Clean your dentures with denture cleaner rather than toothpaste, which is considered abrasive. Soak the dentures overnight to disinfect them and remove any bacterial plaque and stains that you may have missed. When cleaning the denture have a folded towel under it to provide a cushion against breakage if you happen to drop the restoration.

To learn more about prostheses like dentures and their alternatives, visit us at Singing River Dentistry. Dial (256) 293-5393 to request an appointment.
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