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Night guard being placed in person's mouthTension in your jaw can cause more problems than you may think. Our dentist can help you correct the tension and address health issues that you never knew were associated with your mouth. Having stress and or other health problems can make you grind your teeth during bedtime. Our team at Singing River Dentistry can construct nightguards for you to help prevent grinding, headaches, snoring, and other symptoms associated with bruxism.

Do I Have to Wear a Night Guard?

Not everyone needs to wear a nightguard. If you grind your teeth, yes, you can have it in your mouth. Our dental team understands the importance of preventive care, so nightguards come in handy to prevent you from the damage teeth grinding causes. When grinding and clenching grounds down your permanent teeth, it causes discomfort and you may incur a lot of costs to repair your teeth.

Benefits of Wearing Night Guards

When you have bruxism, you grind and clench, which may contribute to the wear of the chewing surfaces of your teeth. As the teeth make contact with others during clenching and grinding, the surfaces wear down. You may have the enamel so damaged that you begin to experience tooth sensitivity. Wearing a mouthguard helps release the tension and prevent direct contact with the teeth. This way, it helps prevent damage to the teeth. By reducing jaw tension and pain, you are able to get relief.

Additionally, night guards help prevent headaches that are linked to tension in the jaw and the associated muscles. The oral appliance provides a healthy sleep pattern and prevents snoring. It can save you on dental work because it prevents damage to a tooth, which could mean getting a crown to cover the eroded and worn-down tooth surface. Excessive wear of the tooth may also expose it to cavity development, which would mean that you have to get fillings to seal the hole.

With night guards, you reduce or stop the impact of grinding and clenching of your teeth. A visit to our dental clinic allows our dentist to get a mouth impression. We use the impression as a model to make the night guard. A customized mouthguard fits comfortably and does not cause problems in the mouth.

Taking Care of My Night Guard

Brushing your night guard regularly helps keep it in good shape. Cleaning a night guard involves brushing it using a soft-bristled toothbrush, lukewarm water, and toothpaste. The use of toothpaste to clean the guard allows you to flush off bacteria and plaque that have accumulated on the surfaces. Besides, you may want to use a special dental solution where you soak the piece once a week to ensure thorough cleaning. Make sure that you dry your guard after cleaning it to avoid bacteria thriving and building up on the night guard.

If you struggle with bruxism, then you should get a nightguard. You do not want to have your teeth damaged so badly to a point where you spend a lot of money to restore them or they develop cavities and risk coming out.

Visit us at Singing River Dentistry to inspect your mouth, get impressions, and fabricate a customized night guard for you. Call us at (256) 293-5393 to set up an appointment.

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