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Teeth Whitening

Girl showning off her bright white toothy smileEveryone seeks to have their teeth looking brighter and whiter. It gives you the confidence to smile. White teeth make you feel good about your appearance. Often, our very white smiles begin to look dull and discolored. Discoloration of teeth is a common occurrence since the foods we eat and the drinks we consume can contribute to teeth discoloration and stains. Certain things are likely to stain your teeth more than others, as such, it is crucial to know what to avoid. Singing River Dentistry conducts teeth whitening to remove the blemishes and allow your teeth to look whiter.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

Dentists perform chairside teeth whitening under carefully monitored conditions. During this cosmetic procedure, there is controlled application of a comparatively high concentration of whitening gel. The procedure delivers results that are noticed immediately.

Prepping for In-Office Whitening

Our dentist performs a tooth cleaning to help clear away debris and plaque that have formed on the teeth surfaces and in between the teeth. The dentist checks the mouth for potential problems like decay, cracks, or gum disease. Bleaches used to whiten teeth can contribute to irritation if these oral conditions are present. If there is decay, gum disease, or cracks, our dentist may delay the whitening procedure. We take photos of the teeth, including their color measurements to get a shade that serves as the benchmark for whitening.

The Procedure

Our dentist will insert a cheek retractor piece into the mouth. It helps expose the visible teeth when you smile or what is called an esthetic zone. The dentist uses a liquid rubber dam to help protect the gum tissue from irritation that may be caused by the whitening gel. We then apply the bleaching gel to the teeth in the esthetic zone. We allow for about 15 minutes so that the gel acts on the teeth, thus changing their shade.

Our dentist washes off the bleaching gel and applies a fresh one. We repeat the process until the desired shade is achieved. Between the teeth, we will check to determine how white they are. This way, we can determine if more bleach should be applied. Once we have achieved the targeted shade, we remove the retractors and rinse the mouth. Professional in-office whitening can whiten your teeth by two to three shades or even up to eight shades.

Take-Home Whitening Kits

We begin by recording molds of your teeth. The impression helps craft custom-fitting whitening trays. The trays fit securely on teeth and do not allow the gel to leak into the mouth. The hydrogen peroxide can leak into the gums, causing irritation. A patient can use the trays anytime. We provide you with the gel that you apply on the trays before wearing them. You have to wear the whitening trays for several hours each night. You can do this for a week or so to get the results you desire. After you have obtained the whiter shade you need, you can stop wearing the trays.

Talk to us about getting a whitening procedure in our office at Singing River Dentistry. Call (256) 293-5393 to book an appointment.
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