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Wisdom Tooth Removal Athens AL

Illustration of an impacted wisdom toothDentists work hard to save natural teeth. Sometimes, however, it becomes necessary to remove teeth even when they are healthy. Tooth extractions are standard procedures that most dentists can perform.

Wisdom teeth extractions, however, are especially intricate and require a specialist to extract them. At Singing River Dentistry, we provide wisdom teeth removal at our Athens, AL office.

Advanced technology, infection control options, and sterilization methods have allowed wisdom teeth removal to be pain-free with quicker healing time. We ensure that the procedure is safe and done professionally to avoid complications. We utilize sedation and anesthesia while removing wisdom teeth to allow a patient to be calm and prevent anxiety and any potential pain.

Without proper extraction of teeth and post-care guidelines, complications like dry socket and excessive bleeding can occur. Visit us today if you need your wisdom teeth removed so that Dr. Stephen Watkins and our team can assess them to see if they present potential dangers.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Third molars are also referred to as wisdom teeth and they are the last set of permanent teeth to erupt. They come in around the age of 17 to 25. These teeth are situated within the back of the mouth.

Sometimes, they grow in properly and thus do not cause any problems. However, if they are partially or completely trapped within the gums or bone, they may need removal. Some people never even develop wisdom teeth.

Why Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

The main reason why you may want to get your wisdom teeth removed is because they are growing in improperly or are impacted. When these teeth remain buried inside the gums, they can contribute to issues like cavities, infection, and gum disease. Often, these teeth can make the gums swell and cause pain.

When impacted, they can push the other teeth, displacing them from their right positions and causing misalignment issues or overcrowding.

Further, wisdom teeth can be difficult to clean and can result in issues like gum disease or cavities because people cannot reach them with a toothbrush to clear debris, biofilm, and leftovers.

The Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedure

The procedure starts with a consultation appointment. We utilize digital x-rays and specialized dental imaging tools to get a clear picture of the teeth. The images can show the positioning of the wisdom teeth and how to safely remove them.

Preparing for the Extraction

Prior to the removal, you will receive pre-surgery directions. Usually our professionals will advise not eating or drinking the day of the surgery. You also need to have a parent or someone responsible who will drive you home after the procedure.

Our dental office won't release you alone because the effects of sedation are still present and make you feel drowsy.

Local Anesthesia and Sedation Options

We recommend sedation dentistry during wisdom teeth extraction to help calm the nerves and ease discomfort. We also provide local anesthesia to combat pain during extraction.

Sedation options include laughing gas, which involves administering a mixture of oxygen and nitrous gas through a nose mask. Laughing gas offers a relaxing sensation, helping the patient stay comfortable. You are conscious during the extraction process, but you feel no pain. After the mask is removed, the effects begin to subside and you can go home shortly thereafter.

Another sedation option we utilize is oral sedation. It involves medication that helps relax the body. You may have to take the sedative an hour prior to the removal of the teeth. You will feel groggy or sleepy and could even fall asleep while the surgery is being conducted. We will wake you up once the procedure is complete.

You will need to have someone who can give you a ride home after the procedure because oral sedation takes time to wear off and leaves you feeling tired after the surgery.

Further, there is IV sedation that can also be given. It is a stronger form of sedation and makes you remain unconscious throughout the surgery.

The Extraction Process

Dr. Stephen Watkins and our team provide the preferred sedation and when it takes effect, the extraction begins.

An incision is done within the gum tissue, exposing the tooth needing extraction if it is impacted. In case there is bone blocking the roots, it is removed too. The tooth is broken into pieces to allow ease of extraction. Once removed, the area is thoroughly cleansed and disinfected before stitching it up. We provide gauze that you bite into in order to stop the bleeding.

Post-Extraction Care and Recovery

Some swelling, bleeding, and pain may arise after the surgery and should be monitored. Your mouth has bacteria that can cause an infection. It is, therefore, prudent that you keep the wound clean.

Avoid crunchy or hard food that can hurt the wound or displace the clot. You can use pain medication to manage any discomfort. It will take up to two weeks for you to recover from the wisdom teeth removal.

FAQs About Wisdom Tooth Extraction

How Long Does the Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedure Take?

Most people have their wisdom teeth extraction completed in about 45 minutes to two hours. This includes the numbing time, extraction of the teeth, and providing post-op care instructions. Teeth that are awkwardly positioned under the gums tend to take longer than the ones that are positioned properly.

Is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Painful?

We utilize sedation and anesthetic, thus there is no pain during the extraction. However, a patient may feel the gentle pressure as the tooth is loosened or broken and pulled out. Thereafter, once the numbing wears off, some pain and soreness may arise, as the healing progresses.

Will I Be Able to Drive Home After the Procedure?

If only laughing gas was utilized, you could drive yourself home. If IV sedation or oral sedation are used, you will need to have a friend or responsible adult to drive you home.

How Soon Can I Resume Normal Activities After the Extraction?

You will be able to resume your job or other activities after two to three days. However, you should avoid strenuous activities for three to five days. In the first 24 hours, no physical activity at all.

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Wisdom Tooth Removal Athens AL
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